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Revised 15 February, 2018 (The following are input, modifications, and addendums from Keith, Eddie, and Ron.)


The IMYC Yacht racing schedule and format will be announced by the Race Committee via e-mail, FaceBook, and Web site..  The Racing Schedule will specify racing dates, individual regattas/series/combination, trophies, handling of delayed or postponed races, skipper’s meeting details and any other necessary information.  Make up races and reschedule will be scheduled as needed. UNLESS OTHERWISE STATED, SKIPPERS MEETING ALL SATURDAYS AT 10 AM!!!



Contestants will receive 1.5 points for each first place finish, 2 points for second, 3 points for third and so on.  The winner is the contestant with the lowest point total for the event.  In the event of a tie, the lowest total corrected time will determine the winner.

The Cup Races (at least 2 per year) are scored separately from the Fall and Spring Series).



Races shall be sailed under the Racing Rules of Sailing for 2017 -2020 of the International Sailing Federation.  The Racing Rules can be downloaded free of charge from the following link:[435].pdf



All skippers should hail for their rights well in advance of any disputed situation.  Any yacht which acknowledges her foul may exonerate herself by completing a 360-degree maneuver immediately after the foul, but not before she has started.  Protests must be presented in writing to the Race Committee within 30 minutes of the return to dock of the acting race committee chair in order to be considered valid. Hitting a buoy will also require ONE 360 deg. turn.



IMYC will use the Time Correction Factor (TCF) system for determining corrected finish times and scores.  The starting values will be determined based on standard IMYC PHRF handicaps and calculated such that in average wind conditions the results will be the same as PHRF.  The difference is that the TCF will increase the time difference on slow, light wind race days and decrease the difference on fast, windy days.  Adjustments will also be included for sail area, fixed props, etc. as described in the Ratings Adjustments section. TCFs may also be adjusted based on a boats performance as the year progresses. A boat's Captain will be notified of changes to their respective TCF. These changes will be based on TCF calculations and the discretion of the Race  Committee. Consider this encompassed in the IMYC PHRF handicaps.



Corrected times will be calculated as:

Corrected Time = That Yacht’s Elapsed Time   times   its TCF


                                Where              TCF =  ___________650_______________

                                                                550 + Adjusted IMYC PHRF Rating


              IMYC PHRF Rating                      TCF               Elapsed Time          Corrected Time

                        242                              0.821               4,387 sec                3,600 sec

                        200                              0.867               4,154 sec                3,600 sec

                        155                              0.922               3,905 sec                3,600 sec



Each yacht’s TCF will be modified to reflect the adjustments described in this section prior to the computation of that yacht’s corrected time.  Each participant may, before each regatta, designate their Ratings Class as: RACING, CRUISING, or NOVICE.  The declaration is purely at the discretion of the competitor, except that any competitor who has a declared class of Novice and finishes in first place in any race during this racing year shall automatically have his class changed to Cruising prior to the next race.  Absent any declaration, a yacht shall be scored with a Ratings Class of Racing. Adjustments shall be made to a yacht’s IMYC TCF based on the following guides:





Reduce elapsed time by 1.5%





MAX JIB SIZE less than 150% or greater than 155% LP

Reduce or Increase elapsed time by 1% per 10% of LP



MAX JIB SIZE less than 150% or greater than 155% LP

Reduce or Increase elapsed time by 0.5% per 10% of LP




No Adjustment

SPINNAKER – Cruising

Increase elapsed time by 0.5%


Increase elapsed time by 1.0%



CLASS – Racing

No Adjustment

CLASS – Cruising

Reduce elapsed time by 1%

CLASS – Novice

Reduce elapsed time by 2%



Time limits and cancellation or postponement for weather conditions will be at the discretion of the race committee.



The only allowable source of energy for propelling a yacht through the water shall be the wind. Section 50 of the Racing Rules is modified to allow ANY means of sail attachment, placement, and sheeting, so long as the wind provides the only source of energy.



Mark rounding will NOT be an integral part of finishing.  When a Mark forms one end of the finish line, the final leg shall extend from the last Mark directly to the finish line.

Starting Line

All boats are asked to have an atomic clock aboard in order that all boats are syncronized together on time. The start time will be given via radio. The Honor system is invoked!!!  Each boat is responsible for recording their finish times.

The course and any other necessary information for each race will be given at least 5 minutes before the start of each race via radio.  VHF channel 71 will be used when possible to aid in race related communications.

Note the Map of Lake DeGray below with the buoy marks indicated. All Participants should have a map onboard. Ask the Committee Guy.






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