IMYC Membership Form

Please print, and forward (completed & signed) to:

Jay Schafer

IMYC Secretary/Treasurer

10 Woodstock Court

Little Rock, AR 72227

Member Name____________________________________________

First Mate _______________________________________________

Address 1 _______________________________________________

Address 2 _______________________________________________

City__________________________ST______ ZIP_______________

Home Telephone (_______)_________________________________

Cell Phone (_______)______________________________________

Business Telephone (_______)_______________________________

Email ___________________________________________________

Children's Names & Ages ____________________________________________________________________

Your S/V Name ________________________ Make, Length, Year ___________________________________

IMYC Club Activities

Are you more interested in?  [  ] Cruising  [  ] Socials  [  ] Raftups  [  ] Racing

Would you consider hosting a social event, if yes-which? Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, Chili Cookoff, (Circle One)

Suggestions for activities:_______________________________________________________________________



What do you want your club to be for you this next year?___________________________________________________




  • I hereby apply for membership in the Iron Mountain Yacht Club and release and agree to indemnify and hold harmless the Iron Mountain Yacht Club, its officers and directors from and against all claims for damages arising out of my participation in club events.

  • I have full knowledge of the risks involved and am physically able and sufficiently trained to participate. I assume full responsibility for myself, my crew, guests and vessel during all club events. I further agree to participate in Club activities, and understand that I may be called on to perform volunteer work in support of the IMYC. I have read and by my signature acknowledge and agree to the terms as stated above.

Member's Signature X__________________________________________ Date ________________

  • Membership fees are due by January 31st for the current year.  Members not having paid dues after February 15th will be considered delinquent.  Members whom are delinquent will be notified.  A $10 dollar late fee will then be assessed and must be paid before membership status is re-established.

  • A membership is defined as a member and/or spouse, and unmarried children under the age of 21, with eligibility for one vote in the Club business requiring a general membership vote.

 [   ] RENEWING MEMBER - Annual Dues $120

 [   ] RENEWING MEMBER LATE FEE (after February 15th of current year) $130.00 ($10 + $120)

 [   ] NEW MEMBER* - Annual Dues $145.00 ($120 + $25 Initiation Fee)

*NEW MEMBERS ONLY - IMYC membership recommended by at least two current members:

_______________________________________________IMYC Sponsoring Member

_______________________________________________IMYC Sponsoring Member