Iron Mountain Yacht Club

   DeGray Lake, Arkansas




   The Catalina 22 Region 8 "Arkansas Hog Wild State Championship"

Held April 5,6,&7

Skippers and Crews finishing up the Skipper's Meeting.

IMYC's first time to host a Class Regatta. Everyone had a great time, in spite of the worst weather Arkansas has had in a long time. Go to: Hog Wild. Click on the "Hog Wild" headings for pics and narratives of the event.


IMYC Regatta Schedule

April 6,7, 2019. IMYC will host a Catalina 22 Region 8 Regatta, "The Arkansas Hog Wild State Championship"

April 20, 2019 Second IMYC Regatta

May 4, 2019 Third Regatta ( Crawdads)

May 25, 2019 Fourth Regatta (Memorial Day)

June 22, 2019 Fifth Regatta

Schedule subject to change. Unless otherwise announced, Skipper's meeting at 10:00AM. There will be typically 3 Races  per Regatta. A sixth Regatta may be added depending on circumstances.


IMYC Social Events


April 6,7, 2019 Arkansas Hog Wild Cat 22 Regatta. Hang out,  

               Help out, and Have fun.

May 4, 2019  Crawdad Boil

May 25, 2019  Memorial Day

July 6th, 2019  Independence Day Hamburger Cookout (noon)

August 31, 2019 Labor Day

October 26, 2019  Chili Cook-Off



Fifth Regatta, 2018 fall Series.


No lizard. What a beautiful Day!!! (pic, thanks to Mark W.)


4th Regatta 2018 Fall Regatta

Chuck and Susan in Taxman closing in on No Lizard

on the downwind leg, 4th Regatta of Fall Series.


The Chili Cook-Off

October 20, 2018

First Place "Best Chili" Roxann, with second place

 "Best Chili" Wendy Z.


Third Regatta of Fall Series

Starnette (left) , Mo Money (right), headed to the finish.


Atkinson Cat 22, Taxman


Check out the pics of the 2018 Crawfish Boil,

April 14.


Check out pictures of the record breaking

Lake Level.

     Click On: How High is the Water?


See all the past events, pictures, at: past events


Merejohn leading Lil'Girl and Comfort and Joy on the return

 leg of the 2nd Regatta, 2018.

     Comfort & Joy with the Coyote Drifter in the First Cup Race.

Lil'Girl with spinnaker in the Labor Day "Cocktail Regatta" AND Starnette with drifter filled.


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