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Coming UP

The Great Chili Cook-off

October 21, 2017

Simple, Perfect Chili




Saturday, October 21, 2017

Second Fall Series Regatta.

Skipper,s meeting at 10:00am




The crew of "Just Ledoux It" has gone and doux,d it!!!!


To Kathy and Ken Ledoux

on their Beautiful Wedding

 September 30, 2017

See Pics: Just Ledoux It



The Fall Regatta Schedule 2017

Oct. 7      1st Regatta and Cup Race


Oct. 21    2nd Regatta (and Chili Cook-off)


Nov. 4     3rd Regatta


Nov. 18  4th Regatta and Cup Race

Skipper's meeting at 10:00am

     Comfort & Joy with the Coyote Drifter in the First Cup Race.

Lil'Girl with spinnaker in the Labor Day "Cocktail Regatta"        AND           Starnette with drifter filled.


The Labor Day Event had a great turn out and a great time had by all. The Second Cup Race, or The Cocktail Regatta, was not so great with the wind, but had some interesting moments, and new rules. Check out the narrative and pics at: Labor Day and Cup Race.



Check out the info/pics of the Coveted Cup Race on August 5th,

 go to:  august 5th Cup Race



Check out our IMYC members who went to the Catalina 22 Nationals in Ft. Worth. It was wild. Go to: Catalina 22 Nationals 2017



Check out the report on our 5th Regatta: 5th Spring Regatta



We have got to keep this pic up a bit; it is so great!!!

The Craw-fish Boil was a great time

Super job by our hosts Barbara, Keith and Craig

for Pics, go to: 2017 Craw-fish


The 3rd Regatta of the Spring Series

was a blast with winds hitting well over 20 knts

Check out the narrative and results at: 3rd Spring Regatta





Check out the results and info on our First Regatta: click on firstspringregatta


Get the updated Racing Instructions, Schedule, and

Boat Ratings

at IMYC Racing on the right





We had a great meeting with great friends. Check out the Minutes of the meeting; click on Minutes. See all the scheduled activities and discussions.

Congratulations to Keith Sugg as our new Commodore, and Kathy Aldrich as Vice-Commodore.

Check out Commodore Sugg's "Commodore Corner" on the "Tell Tale" on the upper right.

See you on the Lake!!!


The Final Regatta  of the 2016 Fall Series, and Cup Race.


"Lil' Girl" with her assymetrical flying in the final Regatta                         The down wind leg

Congratulations to "Bogy" and George Boger winning the 2016 Cup!!!



Congratulations to Mark Wiley for best Chili, 2016

Pics of the Chili Cook-Off, go to:    Chili Pics

Labor Day Celebration was a hoot. The Pavilion was Christened and blessed by all the appropriate Gods. A good time had by all. Check out Matt's Video on the Facebook page.

Check out the Labor Day Pics: Labor Day

The Pavilion is Finished. Thanks to all that helped. Special thanks to Jeff Aldrich and his friend Lance.


The Pavilion with her new floats!!! Ready for the July 4th Celebration




Re-Visit and/or Re-Read the Six Year Cruising Blog of "At Ease" here...

Newly updated information of the Boat/US Co-op Program found at bottom of The Tell Tale

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