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The Chili Cook-Off

October 20, 2018


First Place "Best Chili" Roxann, with second place "Best Chili" Wendy Z.

For Pics and info, go to: Chili Pics


Third Regatta of Fall Series

Starnette (left) , Mo Money (right), headed to the finish.

Check out narrative and pics of latest Regattas: go to Regattas

Atkinson Cat 22, Taxman


Event Schedule for 2018                                                               

Done for 2018. Next Club Event: Annual Meeting in January, 2019.       


Regatta Schedule, Fall 2018

4) November 3, 2018

5) November 17, 2018

Cup Race II, December 1, 2018 _________________________________________________________________________________________________

Check out the pics of the 2018 Crawfish Boil, April 14.

 go to: Crawdads




Check out pictures of the record breaking Lake Level.

     Click On: How High is the Water?


The Annual IMYC Meeting Held

January 13, 2018

Wow, With Breakfast by Harriett!!!!

Minutes of the meeting and pictures, click on: annual meeting


See all the past events, pictures, etc at: past events


Merejohn leading Lil'Girl and Comfort and Joy on the return leg of the 2nd Regatta, 2018.

     Comfort & Joy with the Coyote Drifter in the First Cup Race.

Lil'Girl with spinnaker in the Labor Day "Cocktail Regatta"        AND           Starnette with drifter filled.





The Final Regatta  of the 2016 Fall Series, and Cup Race.


"Lil' Girl" with her assymetrical flying in the final Regatta                         The down wind leg



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